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TSP WealthGuard

An early warning system for your Thrift Savings Plan

because you've worked too hard to be surprised by your money.

Helping to guard your investments has never been easier. Answering a simple 10-question risk questionnaire is all it takes to get started. This will help you understand how  much risk you should be taking with your investments, your ideal asset allocation, and your WealthGuard Number.

WealthGuard tracks and monitors all of your investments, not just the Thrift Savings Plan, in one place, helping to protect these investments by alerting you when you are approaching your WealthGuard value. This is achieved by setting up a secure data connection with your accounts.

The Benefit of Being WealthGuarded

WealthGuard is a free-of-charge service that we offer Federal employees that helps you watch over and protect your hard earned savings. It monitors all of your investments accounts, daily, helping reduce the possible effects of a large market crash and providing you with greater peace of mind.

Watch the video above to learn how it works. And let us know if you'd like to try it out. It's free, really.

I'd like to WealthGuard my TSP

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The WealthGuard Number represents the maximum loss you are comfortable with from the highest value your accounts have reached. It’s also the number that WealthGuard uses to give you an early warning when your account may need attention in order to prevent further losses.