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How much of your TSP is at risk?

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Who am I? And what is Better Federal Retirement?

I’m Nigel Fusella-Valdez, owner of, and senior planner at, Better Federal Retirement.

As a Federal employee, ask yourself: 

"Can I both optimize my robust benefits package while reducing Federal benefit costs? How?"

"How should I manage my Thrift Savings Plan?"

"What can I do now to secure a comfortable and secure retirement?"

"Will I even be able to retire, ...and stay retired? When will I know?"

...and finally, "How can I defend myself from pushy insurance, annuity, and mutual-fund salesmen who may not have my best interests in mind?"

The answer to all of those questions is YES, when you have a Financial Plan.

That's why I've created Better Federal Retirement, the only financial planning, solutions-oriented program designed to align your Benefits with your Values. Armed with a Financial Plan, you can easily make informed decisions about your benefits, your goals, and your Financial Life, and your future.

After completing our FEBOP™ process (see below), our clients have improved their benefits package and reduced their Federal benefits costs by $30,000 to $80,000 by retirement age. 

Together, we'll Stress-Test your Thrift Savings Plan and integrate your FERS (or CSRS) benefits into your Financial Plan.

So please don't give in to finance-phobia! Contact me now for a free phone or in-person chat.

It is up to you, and you alone: you can Live the Best Life Possible with the Money and Benefits You Already Have, ...with a Little Help From Smart Financial Planning.

- Nigel

Start Planning Here

We offer financial planning services, processes, and solutions for all stages of your Federal career.

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of my foundation of success.


Determine your Safe Savings Rate & appropriate TSP allocation, FEBOP™, manage your debt, plan for higher education, optimize your FERS benefits, protect your family and income, make some GOALS...

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Take a TSP Stress-Testand re-balance, advanced FEBOP™, Retirement Road Map, manage your investment risks, fine-tune your plan, get on track, stay on track, revisit your goals...

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TSP WealthGuard, the Cost of Retirement, circle your investment wagons, avoid large losses, build your Retirement Income Plan, Thrive in Retirement, feel confident about the future, plan your legacy...

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I've done the math.

Since 1998 we have saved each of our clients an average of over $57,000 in Federal Benefits Costs just in the first step in creating their Financial Plan: our proprietary and currently FREE Federal Employee Benefits Optimization Program™.

A FEBOP™ is unique for every Federal employee, because it is the marriage of your robust FERS (of CSRS) benefits with your personal Values and Life Goals. And every FEBOP is created collaboratively, and designed by me, one of the only Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultants in the Southwest.

But FEBOP™ is not for everybody, and there is a question to answer before you move on. If you answer "yes", then you may be a good candidate. If you answer the question correctly then you will be directed to my "Contact Me" page to request a short, and free, consultation.  ; )

Here's the question:

Do you think your Federal employee benefits package can be improved upon with Smart Financial Planning?

Yes! I Want Better Benefits!

How much of your TSP did you lose in 2008? How much is at risk now?

No one can predict the future, but if we're smart we'll take the time to analyze the past.

A wise and elder friend of mine once told me that "it isn't the first mistake that usually gets us into trouble, but it's the second mistake we make because we're still dizzy from the first mistake, that really hurts us." 

So, let me ask you: Do you think there will be another market crash like there was in 2008-2009? Are you prepared for it? Do you want to know just how much of your TSP you would lose if history were to repeat itself?

Well, now you can, with my unique (and proprietary) TSP Stress Test I will tell you exactly what would happen if you were to experience another 2008 Financial Crisis tomorrow, and if you're uncomfortable with the answer, I'll help you re-balance and reallocate, and even define your Safe Savings Rate that will give you the best chance for a Better Federal Retirement.


What kind of retirement do you want?

In about 15-minutes Ready-2-Retirewill help you visualize your retirement in a whole new way. My interactive experience will help you set your goals and priorities, and understand your risks.

At the end you can print your report, and even send your results to me for feedback.

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